Is This the Real Life?

Well hello once again for the second time that I am doing this. If you don't know who I am by know, I am like an adventurer here in Wumboland, a place of who-knows-what, but hopefully with your companionship we can figure out what goes on here (if that makes any sense). I am currently running on 4 hours of sleep and I've been up for two days so pardon me if I sound like a hippy. I should probably go to sleep but nah. Maybe I should stay up as long as I can and see if I pass out or just start watching the room spin as I hallucinate while riding a unicorn and a lance at hand. Hmm, I do sound like some hippy. What is going on? I yet to think of anything of value to say, but that's what this whole blog is about! Nothing at all and just my random thoughts, flowing off the tips of my fingers like a magician setting his top hat aflame just to pull out a rabbit with a monocle and a mustache. Darn it to heck! I am going to go get some sleepy time and hopefully try to make more sense next post. Good morning, good day, or good night. I shall talk to you tomorrow. Bloop bloop!

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