First Random Post!

Now what should I write as my first post ever?! Should I shoot for something formal or for something a little more like me? Something more spontaneous? Well, obviously that would be easier so sure, I'll go for random. I must warn you though, I may or may not say anything at all. This is merely a short episode to what my mind usually spews out, and so will all of the other post that I decide to add here. I hope to entertain you as you see what an 18 year old college student thinks from time to time. Oh, and look at this: I am saying nothing at all! Well we shall talk tomorrow, or later today since it's already the next day to post. Mumble mumble. Bye

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1 Response to "First Random Post!"

  1. steweneweduk says:
    March 30, 2011 at 6:24 PM

    Looking forward to the rest!

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